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PayPal Money Reminder

Everybody knows them the goods friends who always have the money in another jacket. With this campaign we created a smart reminder to send the money back – with PayPal. The central element are the characters, exclusively developed for PayPal. In the first step we send them out as an offline mailing, a sticker set. Followed by a digital reached out, where you can send the characters in your messenger as a digital sticker. On our landingpage you have the possibility to create your own combination of title and character.

PayPal Character
PayPal Durchmogli
Paypal Teilzeitschnorrer
PayPal Almosenhorst
PayPal Geldbeutervergesser
PayPal Madame Portmo-Nee
PayPal Pinverwechsler
PayPal Freibiergesicht
PayPal Gräfin Zahl Nicht
PayPal Sticker Mockup
PayPal Character Mailing
PayPal Finanzminister
PayPal Dispoqueen
PayPal Sticker Mockup Landingpage
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